Collective Walk Cycle Vision for York

Keeping York moving into the future!

January 2019

This Collective Walk Cycle Vision is a work in progress! Your views are welcomed and valued. Please send any comments to

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We would like York to be the best city for walking and cycling in the UK. We would like to significantly increase the share of walking and cycling journeys, especially for short journeys, and for 50% of journeys in the city to be made by walking and cycling by 2025, with a reduction of journeys made by vehicles.

Benefits include:

  • a better environment with less pollution, noise, carbon and visual ugliness
  • greater community safety and security
  • better public health
  • better access
  • a more efficient system of city mobility  with less congestion, greater reliability, support for the economy and fairer for all
  • and a better quality of life for everyone!

The 10 Walk Cycle Vision Principles:

  1. Our Walk Cycle Network (WCN) is safe, accessible, well-connected, convenient and well-maintained 

York communities are well-connected for walking and cycling with an extensive, joined up network of a consistently high-quality that is well-maintained. Routes facilitate everyday journeys by connecting people from where they live to where they need to go – whether for education, work, personal business, shopping or leisure. Safe space is allocated for walking and cycling on busy roads, there is a network of quiet streets and a wider green network of connecting paths, riverside routes and open spaces. The network is integrated and accessible for people of all ages and abilities, including people with disabilities. The network respects York’s local heritage and nature.

  1. Walking and cycling is our first choice for shorter journeys

York residents and visitors walk and cycle where possible as their first choice of transport and the natural way to get around the city for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey with public transport – whether for education, work, personal business, shopping or leisure.

  1.  We respectfully share city travelling space 

 All York residents and visitors have a respectful attitude when sharing travelling space, whether roads, paths or other routes, with consideration for all users – and particular consideration for more vulnerable users.

  1.   Our city centre enables easy walking and cycling access 

York City centre is easily accessible for walking and cycling – with routes, spaces and facilities that support the easy movement of people walking and cycling in, out and through the centre.

  1.   Our city has clean air , with less motor traffic

York is a healthy, clean air city with a ‘vehicle-lite’ ethos that supports the easy movement of people and services. Vehicle use for short journeys is discouraged.

  1.   Our public spaces encourage walking and cycling

York has attractive, people-friendly and green public spaces that are well-connected for walking and cycling and enhance local heritage and nature.

  1.   Our new developments put walking and cycling first

All of York’s new housing developments are planned and designed at high density with mixed land use development to ensure the easy movement of people walking and cycling as a priority, with local amenities within easy walking and cycling distance. Vehicle use is discouraged and car parking provision limited.

  1.   All our city plans put walking and cycling first

York always considers walking and cycling as a priority in accordance with the Hierarchy of Transport Users. The Hierarchy is integrated as a priority into all transport and other policy, planning and decision-making across the city and reflected in all transport and other spend.

  1.  We work together 

York works together collaboratively to increase walking and cycling across the city with city-wide consultation on new initiatives and regular conversations with stakeholders.

  1.  We continually grow walking and cycling

York has a continual programme of development, delivery, resources and technological innovations to implement this Vision and continually increase walking and cycling from 2018.



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